Care Package

From the files of my weird and hilarious friends…

My friend Jessica recently moved out to California, oh so far away from any of her friends and family.  So she was excited to receive a giant care package in the mail from our friend Julia, who’s always been the maternal one of the group.  Jessica tore excitedly into the enormous box, eager to see the baked goods and socks that she was certain Julia had lovingly placed inside (…yes, socks…it’s a thing we do).

Instead, she was startled to find herself staring into a caverous box of kettle corn.  There was Ziploc freezer bag upon Ziploc freezer bag of kettle corn, layered one on top of another.  There were a dozen gallon-sized bags of it in all.

Jessica thought that surely the kettle corn was a a clever and edible form of packing peanuts for something much more valuable, but alas — kettle corn was the sole occupant of the box.

That is except for the four, empty sandwich-sized Ziploc bags that Jessica found as she was stowing the giant bags of kettle corn in the cupboard.  Each tiny bag had been marked “To Go” in Julia’s familiar handwriting.  Jessica finally called Julia to figure out her intentions with the kettle corn.

Julia: “I just made a LOT of kettle corn the other day and figured you might want some.”

Jessica:  “A whole, microwave oven box full of kettle corn?”

Julia (impatiently):  “I gave you To Go bags!”

Got a kid in college?  Friend overseas?  I highly suggest this as a care package.  It’s cheap to make AND send.  And who doesn’t like To Go bags of kettle corn?

4 thoughts on “Care Package”

  1. I just recently joined the ranks of Microwave Owners myself. And Dishwasher Owners, for that matter. Neither has really impressed me so far, though. You’re not missing anything. 😀

  2. California? is there a new gold rush? LOL. I had no idea, can you email me with the details? I’m going there in the end of January to see one of my elementary school friends from Chile who is teaching kids how to snowboard. BTW coming home for Xmas this weekend for a whole week!

  3. BTW for perfect rice in the microwave I got the Pampered Chef Rice cooker, 5 min on medium heat, 15 min on high heat the perfection! It’s awesome, i tried it using chicken broth instead of water and thinly shredded carrots, diced onions and a pinch of garlic. yeah I was hungry and my pantry was empty, but for a quick side dish that didn’t stick to my dreadful saucepan and that i didn’t have to rely on my electric range it was very tatsty.

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