Your Moment Of Zen

There’s a palpable undercurrent of menace about this video, which is what I imagine would be the end result of David Lynch directing a series of ice cream commercials. It reminds me of a Discovery Channel special that Richard was watching the other day on maggots. It showed several different corpses (dogs, pigs, foxes, humans — all of which I’m assuming were donated to science/a body farm) being devoured by maggots over an extended period of time, but through the magic of time-lapse cinematography so that it wasn’t nearly as squicky as you’re imagining right now. They just kind of…collapsed in on themselves. That’s all. (note: I whited the text out because it’s a little PG-13, so highlight to read at your own risk.)

Okay, so it was really gross. But in an enriching way, because– hey — it’s the Discovery Channel!

Which makes it all the more disturbing to me that I enjoy watching this video and find it relaxing, even. I’m hoping that all that says about me is that I really like Mulholland Drive and the Discovery Channel.

4 thoughts on “Your Moment Of Zen”

  1. @ JEP: I’m glad to see that it’s just the video that made you lose your appetite, and not my comparison of the melting ice cream to maggots devouring flesh from the inside out. I was worried I’d stretched it a bit far there…

    @ The Dood: The answer would appear to be between twelve and thirteen. But they’re mostly the crap Good Humor kind, so it’s okay.

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