From the sick minds who brought you “The Life And Death Of Ice Cream” (see last week’s post: Your Moment Of Zen), the folks at MindPie have also created a meditation on the life cycle of bananas:

The video gets fairly dull towards the 0:40 mark, but it’s still fascinating to watch the bananas slowly droop — sad and abandoned — before finally blossoming with dark spots in only a matter of seconds.

At least the music is slightly less insidious this time.

And since it wouldn’t be YouTube without a snappy comeback, here is a video response to “The Life And Death Of Ice Cream” entitled “The Life And Death Of A Tomato”:


Taqueria Brenda

Taqueria Brenda, Houston, Texas
January 2, 2008

If you drove past Taqueria Brenda on your way to or from the Westchase district, you probably wouldn’t stop there.  In fact, even if you stopped for gas at the Valero station with whom Taqueria Brenda shares a tiny parking lot, you still wouldn’t make your way across to the slightly shabby little place with the aqua awnings and rows of metal boxes outside holding weekly Spanish circulars and newspapers.  But, boy, would you be missing out.

Taqueria Brenda has been a mainstay for me since my post-grad days, when my friends and I all finally got apartments of our own — cheap apartments in arguably bad parts of town — and began exploring the local dining options.  Brenda’s was one of our first discoveries and we’ve been devoted to their tacos and tortas ever since.

Brenda’s is always cheerful inside, no matter what time of day or night you go.  Even better, it’s open 24 hours, so you’re guaranteed to observe more than a few interesting characters during the graveyard shift.  There are typical Mexican restaurant accoutrements inside — sarapis hanging from the walls, a mural of a gigantic guitar, a jukebox full of reggaeton and ranchera music and a mural of an ideastically pristine Mexican village.  The waitresses giggle together by the kitchen as they wait for their orders to come up.  And the 1994-era television never shows anything aside from Univisión.  It’s a happy, comfortable place. Continue reading Taqueria Brenda