What Doesn’t Kill You…

This makes me kind of sad.

Inspired by Alison Cook’s recent article on the Houston Department of Health and Human Services’ new online health inspection reports site, I set about researching some of my favorite restaurants.  Inevitably, the restaurant that I just raved about yesterday was also temporarily closed due to health code violations last year:


Call it living dangerously if you will, but this isn’t going to keep me from going to Brenda’s.  I figure that if their numerous health code violations haven’t killed or hospitalized me by now, I have no reason to stop eating their delicious, delicious food.

So which is it, guys and gals:  Have I built up an immunity to/tolerance of dangerous bacteria from my years of eating at questionable holes-in-the-wall?  Or am I tempting fate with my callous disregard of health code violations and will ultimately be doomed to contract salmonella from an innocent-looking taco and die a painful death as a result of my hubris?

I’m hoping for immunity, obviously.

5 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You…”

  1. Look on the bright side….

    If they closed down because of “issues” with their sanitation then they had to have fixed those issues before they reopened.

    This could be the cleanest place in town right now.


  2. I vote immunity. I also vote that the stuff that’s in a “dirty” restaurant is nowhere near as scary as the stuff they normally spray on our food, so you also have tolerance.

  3. @ Cory: Although my husband agrees with you, I wouldn’t go that far. I think it’s just clean enough not to poison anyone. 😉

    @ callie: Amen!

    @ veggielove: And a second Amen! 😀

  4. Brenda’s sounds like my kind of place, where all the construction workers go for lunch for the good taste and value. If Mexicans don’t have a problem eating from taco trucks and roadside stands, why should we have a problem eating at establishments like these?

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