Let’s All Go To The Lobby…And Have Ourselves A Snack

First, let me apologize for the dearth of posts lately. I’ve been swamped with tons of work — both at the Day Job and at home — none of which was food-related work, sadly. However, if you need your backyard landscaped or your accounting subledgers from three years ago reconciled, I can post about that all day long… *disgruntled sigh*

Anyway, today’s Daily Demolition Report on Swamplot lists a curious building amongst the routine residential addresses and long-abandoned commercial structures: the Cinemark Tinseltown at Westchase. I’m not too sad to see it go; it peaked early — right after it was built, about 11 or 12 years ago — and has been sticky, menacing and downhill ever since.

Its only notable feature, aside from the gaudy, neon-lit towers that were visible from miles away when illuminated at night, was the eating area just inside the lobby. It was one of the first “restaurants” inside of a movie theater that I’d ever seen. It originally served hamburgers and pizzas and the like, and you could take them into the theater with you! It was a revelation at the tender young age of fifteen. The last time I went, however, they were down to sad, soggy pretzels and trundling, Iron-Age hot dogs on a metal roller. No, thanks, Tinseltown; I’ll stick to Alamo Drafthouse for my restaurant-cum-theater needs, whenever those may arise.

So what’s going to take the place of the behemoth cinema?, you ask. According to the Houston Business Journal: yet another office building. Because clearly the Westchase district isn’t crowded with enough office buildings to last us through the next three centuries. I’ll believe this “92% occupancy rate” when I see it…

As we bid farewell to an old friend, my question to you today is this: What’s your experience with in-movie-dining? Do you enjoy the Alamo Drafthouses of the world, with their buckets of beer and silent waitstaff? Or, like me, do you prefer the drive-ins with actual concession stands making actual (albeit very unhealthy) food? Do you think that anything other than popcorn and Milk Duds in a movie theater is heresy? Or do you grab a bucket of chicken wings and a side of cheese fries from your local Loews cineplex and settle in for an action movie whose sounds will — hopefully — disguise the smacking and finger-licking throughout your meal?

Sound off below…

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