I Won’t Quit My Day Job…

Remember how I told you about that eggnog pound cake mix that I received for Christmas from my Day Job boss, along with a cute little Santa cake pan? People around here seem to have entirely too much confidence in my baking abilities for some reason. But I appreciate the thought.

And as sure as eggs is eggs, I managed to utterly screw up the beautiful eggnog pound cake that I attempted to make this weekend. And it was a mix, people! A mix! I’m still not entirely sure what went wrong. All I know is that the pound cake ended up tasting and feeling more like eggnog-flavored angel food cake, which — surprisingly — does not taste very good at all.

More disconcertingly, the entire ridiculous concoction stuck hard and fast to the adorable mini-pound cake pan which my mother loaned me for the specific purpose of making tiny birthday cakes for my father’s birthday. Instead of a lovely mini-cake with confectioner’s sugar and a twee candle for his birthday, however, I gave him a spoon and told him to dig in. Happy birthday, indeed.

This is what I get for making eggnog-flavored anything past December 31st, I suppose.