I Won’t Quit My Day Job…

Remember how I told you about that eggnog pound cake mix that I received for Christmas from my Day Job boss, along with a cute little Santa cake pan? People around here seem to have entirely too much confidence in my baking abilities for some reason. But I appreciate the thought.

And as sure as eggs is eggs, I managed to utterly screw up the beautiful eggnog pound cake that I attempted to make this weekend. And it was a mix, people! A mix! I’m still not entirely sure what went wrong. All I know is that the pound cake ended up tasting and feeling more like eggnog-flavored angel food cake, which — surprisingly — does not taste very good at all.

More disconcertingly, the entire ridiculous concoction stuck hard and fast to the adorable mini-pound cake pan which my mother loaned me for the specific purpose of making tiny birthday cakes for my father’s birthday. Instead of a lovely mini-cake with confectioner’s sugar and a twee candle for his birthday, however, I gave him a spoon and told him to dig in. Happy birthday, indeed.

This is what I get for making eggnog-flavored anything past December 31st, I suppose.



3 responses to “I Won’t Quit My Day Job…

  1. The question is did your dad like it? Since that’s all that matters.

  2. Ha! Good question!

    No. He did not like it. He declined my offer of a spoon and told me that Richard (a.k.a. my husband, the billy goat) could eat it instead. 😀

  3. I have struggled with those cake pans, too. I have found the trick! Brush the pans with vegetable shortening and then flour them with Wondra (a flour used to thicken gravy). It’s in a blue can in the baking isle. My cake came out of the pan wonderfully. As for decorating that santa cake? Unless you are professional, forget about it! I just use frosting to hold the two pieces together, use a flavored cake mix (homemade – not boxed cake mix as that won’t work) – and I just put powered sugar on top.
    Voila! It looks nice, too. good luck. I found your story to be so familiar and so funny!

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