Hooray for bacon!  So many wonderful uses, such unparalleled taste, so few ways to go wrong with it!  Right?

Except, perhaps, for this monstrosity:

Holy shit, that’s a lot of grease.

This, my friends, is a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, Cheese-Whiz-filled hot dog.  Go ahead and vomit now; I’ll wait for you to return.

The wretch-inducing, myocardial infarction of a snack comes to us courtesy of…Seattle, of all places, and the fine folks at The Stranger.  But there’s more!  Check out the article itself for additional pictures of the construction and eventual consumption of the deep-fried bacon-cheese-dog, including this picture:


…which will all but ensure that you will never want to eat a hot dog again.

There’s also a recipe, should any of you be intrepid enough to actually recreate this masterpiece of cholesterol, saturated fat and unpronounceable chemicals at home.  If so, I would definitely make sure to conduct this experiment in a well-ventilated area and — as the article helpfully instructs — don’t fry the dogs for too long or the “cheese” inside will explode.  Basically, one way or another, these things will kill you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


10 thoughts on “Iiiiiiiiiit’s…bacon!”

  1. @ Cory: Your bravery in the face of certain death is truly inspiring.

    @ JEP: I believe the actual caption on the original photo back at the article was “If syphillis were a food, this is what it would look like.” I nearly died when I read that. 😀

  2. “If syphillis were a food, this is what it would look like” Thanks a lot…I just spit out my Sprite.

    Man, this is NAS-TEEEEE! I can typically eat road kill and not be fazed, but I’d have to take a pass on this one. Dang!!!

  3. Jo, how do you know that isn’t roadkill underneath all that bacon and batter? I mean, at this point in the cooking process, it might as well be… 🙂

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