If you loved yesterday’s Pig Butchering Guide graphic as much as I did, then you’ll really love this: the artist, Carl Huber, is now selling his Pig Butchering Guide on T-shirts and shopping bags.  I’ll take one in pink, please.  And perhaps an enviromentally-but-not-vegan-friendly shopping bag to match.

pigbutcheringshirt.jpg pigbutcheringtote1.jpg

Speaking of Mr. Huber and pork, you should head over to his website to see yet another one of his pork-related creations: The Bacon Pig, described by the artist as “pork hot dog, encased…in ground pork, and wrapped…in bacon.”


It’s truly a sight to behold.

And also eerily reminiscent of the cheese-filled bacon dog that you may remember from your darkest nightmares.  That, and Piglet.

Mmm…pork by-products.

Last, but not least, as I had just finished yesterday’s post about Google search terms, a true ruby popped up and I felt obligated to include it here today:

remove tobacco juice from laminate floor

Aside from wanting to scream the obvious answer across the Intertubes to the clueless schmuck who actually Googled this (wipe it up with some paper towels, for God’s sake!), it led me to wonder — is this the slovenly previous owner / occupant of my home?

Is that you, David?  Have you still not learned how to clean up your tobacco juice or — at the very least — use a spitter?  Because I’ll tell you what doesn’t work: using the carpet as a large, plush spitoon.  I’m glad to see you’ve moved on to laminate flooring, because at least that will be easier for you to clean.  That is, if you ever do get around to cleaning it.  And that’s a big if.

4 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. @ Foodie Cutie: The link to his “recipe” is above, if you click on the “The Bacon Pig” above the first picture. Enjoy!

    @ Debra: Now there’s an idea for the next family Christmas…

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