Why I Love My Father, Part One Million

I’ve always said that my family shows their love through food.  So knowing that I’d be out of town this weekend — leaving a starving husband and dog behind, both of whom have very limited cooking skills — my father left a giant Tupperware container of delicious homemade chili, a bag of Fritos and a bag of pig’s ears (for the dog, natch) on the doorstep of our house on Sunday morning, like a spritely food elf.

Richard and Daisy were quite pleased, as they had nearly resorted to eating old cans of kidney beans.

Thanks, Dad!

Dad with his masonic apron
This is not my father, but I thought this picture of an old man and his apron was quite hilarious. It’s probably someone else’s proud father, showing off his Masonic accessories. I don’t think you’re supposed to cook in a Masonic apron, after all…

4 thoughts on “Why I Love My Father, Part One Million”

  1. Aw how sweet of your father. That picture is mad funny. If I was out of town for a whole weekend, who knows what my hubby would eat? and what he would feed Yogi? I don’t even wanna think about it. With both of them.. it’s all about quantity, so yeah they suck and I don’t know why I cook for any of them.

  2. WOW ! I pictured you having a much better looking dad than that. But any dad that would take his son-in-law dinner while his daughter was out of town, must be a keeper. Even if he looks like a dork.

  3. @ Foodie Cutie: We should probably never leave our husbands anywhere alone together. God knows what they’d concoct! 😀

    @ Debra: Yeah, my dad actually has way cooler glasses than that dork up there. 😉

    @ daddy-o: I was trying to decide whether to go with “spritely” or “mischievous,” but the latter didn’t really seem to describe the food elf’s motive and it was hence discarded.

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