The Horrors of Photobucket

While poking around Photobucket for pie-related pictures to use, I came across this ungodly horror.

rachael ray

Could this possibly be real???  If so, I’m going to need a lot of this, stat:

Because, seriously…

Jesus H. Christ.

Sorry, but I had to inflict this upon someone else in order to rid myself of it.  It’s like a chain letter…or getting a song stuck in your head…or The Ring.  I just hope that no one dies after seeing this.

16 thoughts on “The Horrors of Photobucket”

  1. Yup, its real. She “posed” for FHM magazine. I remember laughing back when it came out.

    Further proof that young, single males who wear their hats backward and flex their triceps in EVERY picture will buy anything.

    My wife and I laughed for days over that one.

  2. This…disturbs me.

    I’d be less disturbed if she were standing there naked with a pie in her hand. That outfit…it is The Evil.

    Geez. Airbrush much?

  3. Oh.
    I can’t decide if that’s worse than the Cat Cora picture wearing only her chef’s jacket and nothing else. I think that might be worse, b/c she looks really earnest in the picture. *sigh*

  4. @ evil chef mom: Oh hell yes, apparently. Ick.

    @ Jo: It’s either blood or some of that pie filling that you’ve fisted into your eyes to intentionally blind yourself and get that image out of your retinas. At least, that’s what I would do.

    @ Foodie Cutie: I guess I’m really out of the Rachael Ray loop (thankfully), because until you posted that, I honestly thought this was a creepy Photoshop job. I can’t believe she intentionally posed for this. It just smacks of sad desperation.

    @ Cory: FHM? She couldn’t even make into a top-tier men’s mag like Maxim? Even sadder.

    @ callie: That outfit IS evil, isn’t it? I mean, it makes her look incredibly thick in all the wrong places, besides just being generally skanky.

    @ Debra: Maybe I’ll just do a whole post on food-related pictures that are guaranteed to scar one’s retinas for life. 😀

    @ ann: That Cat Cora picture was only mildly less offensive than the Rachael Ray abomination. Still, I’d rather see Mario Batali wearing nothing but strategically-placed rigatoni noodles than either Cat or Rachael in another photo like that.

    @ evil chef mom: Excellent… *tents fingers and smirks evilly*

  5. I’d also just like to say to my male readers out there: Thank you. Thank you all for not saying that you’d “hit it like the fist of an angry god” or that you’d “hit it like a hobo on a hot pocket“. Those phrases should never apply to Rachael Ray.

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