Popsicles, Ice Cream and Jello — Oh My!

Well, folks, I’m sad to say that I won’t be around until next week at least, so no new blog entries for a while.  I’m having some minor surgery tomorrow and will be goofily doped up on pain meds for a few days afterwards, but will be happily subsisting on the above-mentioned items while I heal.

Got any good ice cream recommendations?  You know where to send them…

Peace, love and popsicles!

8 thoughts on “Popsicles, Ice Cream and Jello — Oh My!”

  1. The term “minor surgery” always makes me shudder!

    Hope it goes without a hitch and your recovery is swift, though!

    If we try for a blogger roundtable Saturday, Mar. 1, will you be around?

  2. Ice cream suggestions? You must have been reading my mind. Check out the top post on my site.

    More importantly, I hope everything goes smoothly with the surgery. Enjoy the goofy pills!

  3. As much as I hate to promote anything about these socialist SOBs, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food is great. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. @ Kevin: Thanks! I should be fully functioning by then. Count me in!

    @ MF: Hee. Oh, I have been. But today is my first day without them. I’ve had enough of feeling like I’m living inside of Fantasia.

    @ Debra: A-men.

    @ Robin: I was attempting to rid myself of some nasty, compacted wisdom teeth that were rotting (eeek!) and had to be taken out in pieces. How do teeth rot when they’ve never been exposed to air? Tell me, someone. Please.

    @ ieat: Oh, man. I looooove Amy’s. Their peanut butter ice cream is to DIE for.

    @ daddy-o: Heh. Those commie, pinko, leftist ice cream-makers and their Marxist toppings! 😀

    @ amsiewong: Hey! Welcome to the party! I loaded up on macaroni and cheese yesterday, so I’m covered. 🙂

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