Food Blogging

You may have noticed a some shiny new widgets over there to the right, just below my Flickr stream.  Riiiight over there, under the “Food Blog (Onion) Rings” heading.  Yes, those!

These four groups are blog rings in which I’m active.  Why?  Because they’re fun and educational and a great way to see new content that you might otherwise never stumble upon.

The most recent blog ring I’ve become involved in is Great Cooks!, as you can see below:

Now, this is by no means an implicit measure of my cooking talent (as some of you know…), but Great Cooks! is a wonderful way to get more involved in the foodie blogging community.  To find out more, simply click on their icon above or click on one of the icons over there to your right…

If you have a food blog, consider joining one of these awesome foodie rings, or at least get involved in message boards like the ones at Serious Eats and Chowhound.  You’ll meet some great people, exchange recipes, get involved and have a more expansive and interesting time while blogging than you might otherwise have.

Happy food blogging!

One thought on “Food Blogging”

  1. Hey K, I joined up too. But did you notice that the link is broken?

    Technology just ain’t as grand as it used to be. 🙂

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