While We’re On The Topic…

…of celebrity chefs, one that seems to arouse and inspire almost homicidal tendencies in otherwise normal foodies is — you guessed it — Sandra Lee.  Now, I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of hers.  I think her “recipes” are tacky and unhealthy (and I rest my entire case for this on her vomitous-looking and blatantly offensive Corn-Nuts-and-popcorn-coated Kwanzaa Cake).

But I certainly don’t hate her.  And I have to admit, I’m kind of madly addicted to her “tablescapes,” albeit in the same way that I’m addicted to watching Intervention on A&E.

Sandra Lee
Don’t stare into her eyes for too long…

But I will say this for the woman: aside from being (mostly) self-made despite having a seriously, V.C. Andrews-style messed-up childhood, no other TV personality has ever managed to shut down a Serious Eats thread in less than seven hours:  Semi-Homemade With Sandra Lee.

Despite its name, Serious Eats is normally the kind of happy-go-lucky foodie community where we all love each other and trade recipes and laugh at silly news articles and fawn over things like toaster phones and anthropomorphic pickle costumes.  It is definitely not the kind of place where claws and fangs are usually unsheathed.

But today, the mere mention of Sandra Lee’s eponymous television show managed to evoke — within the span of six short hours — comments that were vicious enough for the site admins to shut the entire thread down.  Now, you can judge for yourself exactly how malicious the comments were (not nearly as bad as they could have been, if you ask me), but I’m dumbstruck that any thread sandwiched between “Mormon cooks-cookbook project” and “Leg O Lamb” on an otherwise easygoing forum could rise to the level of such bile in an impressively short amount of time.

Hey, say what you want to about her…but she elicits a response in people every single time.  There’s no such thing as bad P.R., right?

6 thoughts on “While We’re On The Topic…”

  1. I wouldn’t know a Sandra Lee if she jumped up and bit me on my butt…however, I do know Octodog…and thanks to your link to Serious Eats, you sucked me into another food blog! Damn, you, K….damn you and your foodie ways! 😉

  2. @ raiderdav: I DO love tablescapes. It’s obscene. 🙂

    @ mrcanacorn: See, my blog was just a gateway drug for you. Soon you’ll be hitting the hard stuff like eGullet and you’ll be down the rabbit hole… 😉

    @ evil chef mom: You were hilarious, too. I just wish that I’d gotten to see more people sound off before it got closed down. 🙂

    @ Foodie Cutie: OMG. Seriously. That cake. What the hell??? It’s seventeen different kinds of wrong.

  3. She is like someone scraping my gums with tin can lids. So much so, that I can’t determine her talent or skill because I’m just trying to find the remote to change the station. The ONLY show on food network I refuse to watch. I hate that I’m can’t work up to being ambivilent about her.

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