Food + Politics

Note:  This article in no way endorses any candidate or political party.  For purposes of this blog, you may consider me entirely politically neutral.  I am the Switzerland of politics.  …here, at least.

It goes without saying that food can be a political tool or an unscientific measure of someone’s political leanings.

Wine and champagne loosen money clips at fundraising galas, while enterprising pollsters set up homemade voting booths in their garages, complete with coffee and brownies for voters.  Meanwhile, people across the nation make broad and asinine assumptions about a person’s political viewpoint based upon what they do or do not eat.  A sushi eater?  A Bordeaux connoisseur?  Must be a Democrat.  He drinks Pearl in a can?  She likes brisket?  Must be a Republican.

Food has an enormous impact on every other area of our lives.  Why not our politics?  The insightful and witty ella over at From Scratch regularly mixes food and politics on her blog with entertaining and interesting results.  And today, courtesy of Houston TV personality Isiah Carey, we encounter a new intersection of food and politics: Wine Drinkers for Obama.  Isiah writes:

I’ve seen Women for Obama, Teens for Obama, Lesbians for Obama, Houston Professionals for Obama, Seniors for Obama, Obama for Obama but I was a bit surprised to find ‘Wine Drinkers for Obama.’ That’s right, apparently a group of wine drinkers who meet periodically in Houston have formed a political group to support Barack Obama.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem that Mr. Obama really needs support from the wine drinkers of the nation, in light of this recent article in The Nation:

In crude political terms, Obama won the “wine track” and lost the “beer track.” That didn’t happen in Iowa.

Obama’s attracted a great many Democrats, liberal and centrist, who want an alternative to Clinton. But if Obama wants to prevail beyond New Hampshire, he needs to get the beer track back.

Perhaps some ambitious beer-drinkers out there need to create a “Beer Drinkers for Obama” support group.  Or, if they’re of the Hilary Clinton persuasion, perhaps a “Wine Drinkers for Clinton” group is more in order than a “Wine Drinkers for Obama” group.  It would appear that — for now — he has that contingent well-covered.

In the meantime, if you live in Houston and happen to be both an Obama supporter and a wine drinker, “Wine Drinkers for Obama” will be meeting tonight (February 27th) at 6pm at that foodie mecca, Central Market.  More details can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Food + Politics”

  1. It’s so funny to seperate people like that. If you drink wine you are such and such or if you drink beer you vote this way. I guess that’s because I like all foods and don’t see the point of what you eat translate into how you vote. Well, I see the point, I just don’t agree with it. Maybe because I’m a beer chugging Democrat. Anyways, I could see sitting down and drinking a beer with whoever the canidate is because I’m sure all of them (rep. or dem.) have some real good stories to tell. Especially if they were a little tipsy! I would so want to see Hillary drunk, it would probably change my opinion for the better. Is that bad?

  2. Aren’t you wonderful? Thank you so much for the kind — and too flattering — words and for a very delightful post. Wine drinkers for Barry? Why didn’t I think of that?

    I think when he wins Texas and if he wins Ohio, we can safely assume he’s won over the beer brigade.

    And I am such a brisket slut I have a category for brisket. But I drink wine. Hmmm…

    Oh, Central Market! I nearly went to Austin once just to go there.

    Thanks again!

  3. @ JennDZ: I think you are what you eat in most cases, except when it comes to politics. People tend to really surprise you there. 😉

    @ evil chef mom: I, too, think that it’s ridiculous to try and group people into categories based solely upon their food or drink choices. I just don’t think that food translates well to a person’s political leaning. I just find it curious that people tend to make broad assumptions about someone based on whether or not they eat chicharrones or greens or sashimi or tuna casserole.

    @ ellaella: Hee! Brisket slut. I think I may fall into that category, too. 😀 And Central Market is simply The.Best.

  4. Here are some polls that would be interesting!

    Is Barack a Frozen-Margarita or a Margarita-on-the-Rocks type of guy?
    — Classic Lime or other tropical fruit flavor
    — With or without salt (for on-the-rocks)

    Is Hillary a Frozen-Margarita or a Margarita-on-the-Rocks type of gal?
    — Classic Lime or other tropical fruit flavor
    — With or without salt (for on-the-rocks)

    Take a vote at

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