Continuing a Theme

I never realized before that xkcd had such a plethora of food-related cartoons.  And here I was, only appreciating them for their Linux humor…..

I especially like the name of the restaurant in this one…

A better ending to the Diet Coke & Menthos myth…

Come on, you intrepid home scientists.  You know you want to try it out…

Go on, Wikipedia it…

Frankly, I think the Frosted Bacon Flakes would be delicious.  I scare myself sometimes…

I do this with bagels and tubs of cream cheese.  It’s a dangerous, but delicious, cycle indeed…

Have a good weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Continuing a Theme”

  1. howdy from another serious eats reader!

    I love xkcd! I link to them on my personal blog. whenever I find someone else that likes them, I’m like “hooray, another geek!” hahaha.

    also? I knew “Sn” and it still took me a second to get it. being sick has made my brain disappear, ack.

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