Heads Up!

Sadly, the Cost Plus (also known as World Market) location on the Katy Freeway (by Town & Country) is closing its doors.  The store claims that the heavy construction on the Katy Freeway has reduced its customers to the point where remaining open is no longer feasible.  I am utterly bereft about this.  I adore Cost Plus and am now faced with the undesirable commute into the Galleria in order to continue shopping there.

With the Katy Freeway/Memorial location closing, a new store will be opening up in Webster.  And while that’s not a whole lot of help to those of us here on the west side of town who love, adore and depend on Cost Plus for things like specialty foods and high-quality, low-cost wines, there is one tiny silver lining to this dark cloud:

Cost Plus has their entire stock of wine on sale for 25% off.

The wines they stock are — like I said — generally very high quality, so expect that it will be picked over soon.  I would suggest getting to the store early tomorrow morning in order to get the good stuff while you still can.

If wine’s not your bag, Cost Plus also has their entire inventory marked down by 25%.  That means all speciality foods, coffees, beers, chocolates, teas, you name it — is 25% off.  The discount also extends to their beautiful furniture, housewares, jewelry and home decor items.

So, in other words, if you’re currently stalking me, let me make it easy for you: I’ll be at Cost Plus early tomorrow morning, greedily picking over things like the vulture that I am.

6 thoughts on “Heads Up!”

  1. Too late. We already bought all the good wine that was left 🙂 Racked up quite a bill, we did. But we’re stocked up for, oh, the next 90 days.

  2. @ Jo: Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us! 😀

    @ frank: Oh, yeah. Phoenicia is practically my second home. Best hummus and freshest lamb in town! 🙂

  3. K, before you go… I worked at cost plus for a long time, it has nothing to do with the freeway, trust me. Look for anything damaged and ask for a manager they will probably give you an even bigger discount like 75-80% off.

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