I realize that’s it’s been ages (in blogging measures of time, that is) since I last posted anything.  I even missed Pi(e) Day.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been terribly derelict in my duties, but with good reason.

Work has been particularly busy, which means that when I do get home, writing is the last thing I have time for.  Sucks for those people interested in my ramblings, I imagine, but even more for me, since this is my outlet and one thing that I truly enjoy doing.

In addition to work, I’ve been ramping up to leave the country for a few weeks, so there will be even fewer postings in the coming days and weeks.  I’ll try to post while I’m abroad, but can’t make any promises due to time constraints and the general practicality of finding a computer from which to write.  I will, however, be taking lots of fantastic photographs and eating lots of delicious food and writing down everything in my journal so that I can share when I get back.

In the meantime, let me leave you with something non-food-related, but which I find hilarious.  Here are a few of the utterly ridiculous, Dr. Seuss-ian nonsense words that a salesman in a recent meeting seemed to make up on the fly, and then incorporate into the rest of his conversation throughout course of our meeting:

  • issuematic (adj.) — “It’s not a problem, per se, more of an issue.  So, if something becomes issuematic for you, then we’ll address it from there.
  • applicabilities (n.) — “The software’s applicabilities are such that you can use it across many different applications.”
  • constructured (v.) — “The infrastructure has been constructured so that you can immediately access the data from any location.”
  • informationally (adj.) — “Informationally speaking, we can get that to you in a few days.”
  • documentate (v.) — “We’ll make sure to documentate that issue as part of our take-aways.”

Le sigh.

Can you see why this little food blog is so dear to me?  And, more importantly, to my sanity?