Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookies: The New Frontier

Bacon can do many things; breakfast things, lunch things, dinner things, salad things, appetizer things, entree things…you name it.

But can bacon conquer the world beyond savory food?  Can bacon conquer dessert?

Dan Phillips says “yes.”  Behold his latest creation: the Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookie with Maple-Cinnamon Glaze.

Will this cookie’s popularity destroy the demand for other cookies?  Will Snickerdoodles go the way of the dodo?  Or is this simply a delicious yet passing fad?

If you can’t decide, the fine folks over at Fark will certainly try and sway your opinion, with hilarious results.

What do you say?  Bacon cookies are go?

One thought on “Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookies: The New Frontier”

  1. Amazingly enough although this sounds odd it might work. The best local example I can cite — is the creme brulee at Catalan. The dessert comes sprinkled with lardon on top. Although it might seem odd (even a bit gross) the mix of flavors is phenomenal. I’m glad the waiter suggested it as I don’t think I would have ever mixed pig products with dessert before — but all I have to say is WOW

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