Top 10 Cheap Eats in Houston

As promised, Food In Houston has posted their newest Top 10 list of “Cheap Restaurants” here in town. And it’s a doozy…

Top 10 Cheap Restauarants in Houston

I am ecstatic — ecstatic, I tell you — to see Vieng Thai included on the list. Ever since Robb Walsh mentioned this place a few years back in a Houston Press article (yeah…I can’t say that I found it myself, unfortunately), I have been a devoted follower.

This is a double-edged sword, though. I have found Vieng Thai’s food to be so wonderful that now any other Thai food tastes sickly sweet and miserable to me. Their pad see ew (fried noodles with pork, egg and Chinese broccoli) is unparalleled, with fresh strips of Chinese broccoli (it irritates me beyond words when Thai restaurants use regular broccoli in pad see ew…) and a delicate soy-based sauce. Their som tam (green papaya salad) is transcendent and will make you question the reason that you ever used lettuce as a salad base.

In addition to the Top 10, there are so many other great suggestions on Anonymouseater’s runners-up list that you could happily eat your way through some of the city’s best restaurants without ruining your budget. Go check out the rest and happy eating!

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