World Beer Cup 2008

The results from the prestigious 2008 Brewers Association World Beer Cup have been announced.  The squees of happiness that escaped my mouth upon seeing the number of winning Texas microbrews elicited a frightened series of barks from our poor dog, Daisy.  But…look!  We did good!

American-Style Wheat Beer

Silver:  Shiner Dunkelweizen, Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, TX

Vienna-Style Lager

Gold:  Vienna Lager, The Covey Restauarant and Brewery, Ft. Worth, TX

German-Styler Hellerbock/Maibock

Bronze:  Rahr’s Bucking Bock, Rahr & Sons Brewing LP, Ft. Worth, TX

Strong Scotch Ale

Gold:  Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 4, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston, TX

…and my all-time favorite, the IPA that all other IPAs aspire to:

International Pale Ale

SilverSaint Arnold Elissa IPA, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston, TX

Squeeeeee!  Okay, so it’s only the silver this year.  But the fact that a small, local brewery like Saint Arnold placed twice in a competition this huge is amazing.  And it’s always heartening to see the beloved old warhorse, Shiner, make a showing.

If you live in the Houston area and you want to help the Saint Arnold guys celebrate, or just enjoy a few pints with some friends, the latest pub crawl is being held this coming Friday, April 25th in Midtown.  Details (i.e., approximate pub locations, since the pub crawls are always a little “mysterious”) haven’t come out quite yet, so sign up for their newsletter if you want to keep abreast of all the upcoming events.

If you don’t live in the Houston area, then toast your favorite winning entry with a pint of their finest and enjoy the sweet taste of prize-winning brew.

5 thoughts on “World Beer Cup 2008”

  1. Cool.

    I’m going to go celebrate by drinking an Elissa IPA.

    Once I get off these antibiotics and prednisone for my sinus infection that is.


  2. Love St. Arnold’s – way to represent H-Town!

    I did see one omission from your state-wide highlights above – the national beer of Texas (Lone Star) won a silver as well. I think it tastes like carbonated river water, but my pallet must not be as refined as the judges’.

  3. @ Cory: Sorry to hear you’re sick, buddy! But getting well is the perfect opportunity for a celebratory bottle of Elissa. 🙂

    @ raiderdav: Ah, yes. Lone Star. While I’ve been known to enjoy a Lone Star myself from time to time, I couldn’t — in all good conscience — include it, since it’s now brewed by Miller Brewing Company. And I know, I know: it’s still brewed here in Texas, albeit no longer at the Pearl Brewery. It’s just that it’s lost the loving feeling for me now that it’s mass-produced and owned by, well, Satan. 😉

    That said, have you ever driven past the MBC plant in Fort Worth? That — and the Sunbeam factory here in Houston — must be what heaven smells like… 😀

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