While this is not at all food-related (unless you’re my grandaddy’s friend Billy Garrett, who loves to eat possum), this made me nearly wet myself with laughter today:

Courtesy of the always hilarious Failblog.

Them’s Fightin’ Words

From the crazy, mixed-up files of…Macy’s and Consumerist:

Macy’s Confiscates Your Item Because Another Customer Wants It

Reader Dyan isn’t sure if she’s right on this one and wants to know if we think Macy’s owes her an apology. She was shopping at Macy’s last Saturday when she noticed a cast-iron pot on sale for $19.99. The display item was the last one in stock, so she asked if she could have it. An employee said she could, but before she could pay for the item the store’s manager stopped her and took the pot away because “another customer want[ed] it.”

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All I know (and all my poor friends and husband know, from witnessing my antics in stores and other public places) is that there is no way in hell that manager would’ve gotten away with that pot without a chunk of his ass missing from where I chewed it off.

I’ve been working since I was sixteen years old.  I’ve worked in the retail industry.  I’ve worked in the restaurant industry.  I’ve worked in call centers and I’ve worked in cafes.  My Day Job is in human resources.  And if there’s one thing that all these years of working have instilled in me, it’s this: there is no excuse for poor customer service.

Laziness is not an excuse.  A bad mood is not an excuse.  Being socially malformed is not an excuse.  Your customer is paying your wage, so whether you like it or not, you treat them like a fellow human being.  That’s all I’m saying.

Although it might be embarrassing to others around me, I don’t let people off easy when they’re rude to either me or my shopping/dining companions.  But I do realize that I’m definitely fighting an uphill battle: crappy customer service is winning, and we’re almost encouraging it.

What do you think?  Are Dyan and I making a big deal out of nothing?  Or are standards slipping?

Of course, there’s always the suggestion of one of the Consumerist’s readers: Lick the pot, thereby marking it as yours and putting the ball in the manager’s court.

The Shame, The Burning Shame!

I did something utterly embarrassing for lunch today. If you’d like to help me rid myself of the appalling amount of shame I have associated with this activity, you can read all about the dirty deed here:


There’s nothing like public atonement to cleanse one’s soul (and palate).

And for those of you wondering what I ate it with…a fork. Just a fork. No crackers, no fruit, no anything. A FORK.

*runs off sobbing*