The Shame, The Burning Shame!

I did something utterly embarrassing for lunch today. If you’d like to help me rid myself of the appalling amount of shame I have associated with this activity, you can read all about the dirty deed here:


There’s nothing like public atonement to cleanse one’s soul (and palate).

And for those of you wondering what I ate it with…a fork. Just a fork. No crackers, no fruit, no anything. A FORK.

*runs off sobbing*

7 thoughts on “The Shame, The Burning Shame!”

  1. Are you ashamed because cheese is pure fat?

    Or because, in the cheese world, the reputation of brie is just a step above American slices?

    When my daughter ate her first solid food, it was several bites of brie in a cafe in Scottland. I have never known whether that should make me proud or embarrassed.

  2. Whoa! That’s a heart attack on a fork, for sure. I’m purely and totally ashamed of you and horrified as well. Gack, that’s a lot of intestine-clogging dairy. That being said, I think I’ve done the same thing once or twice but if you tattle on me I’ll deny it.

  3. I meant to comment on the last post you admitted to cheese gluttony.

    We used to live within walking distance of Whole Foods. And I walked there. All the time. And gained a ton of weight on their damn cookies. Ok…where was I…oh yeah…one day I found a wedge of a Greek cheese called Graviera in their cheese case. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE Graviera. It’s a smooth, buttery, hard cheese that tastes golden to me. Weird as that sounds. So, I bought that sucker, took it home and ate the whole thing by itself. The next day I found another wedge and bought it and ate it by itself. And repeated the next day…and the next day.

    I, quite possibly, ate an entire head of that cheese. And…after a week or so of this, started to get sharp pains on the right side of my belly. That stopped me.

    And they’ve never had that cheese again. And I miss it. Before I check the cheese case these days, I make a mental promise never to succumb to the cheese gluttony again and to moderate myself, if only I could taste it one more time, and still, no graviera. The cheese gods don’t believe me anymore.

  4. Just remind me to be far, far away (like out of town) the next time you are called to take a nature break.

    Just sayin’

    Outside of that there’s nothing wrong with eating two wedges of brie, unless it’s that pre-fab crap that you can get for $3.99/wheel at Krogers.

    That’s just wrong on many, many levels that probably go too deep for this blog.

    @ Callie – You should have seen my first exhibition of gluttony when Linda and I discovered the Houston Dairy Maids and bought up their entire stock of 2 year old cheddar.

    Wasn’t pretty. (dang tasty though)

  5. @ Jo: …only once or twice? 😉

    @ Callie: The cheese gods are indeed fickle, but nonetheless deserving of our worship. And you know that now, of course, I’m going to have to hunt down some graviera for myself.

    @ Cory: Just about the only possible good thing about this entire scenario is that it was NOT pre-fab crap from Kroger’s. But that very quickly turns back into a bad thing when you take into account the cost of one wedge, let alone two. 😦

    Oh, and the Dairy Maids ROCK.

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