Drink Sprunk!

If it were possible to have a crush on a website, I would carry a huge torch for Serious Eats.  I’ve waxed rhapsodically about them plenty of times before, but today’s example really nails why I so completely adore them.

Ed Levine, that clever cat, has taken the already-beloved (even though it only came out yesterday) Grand Theft Auto IV and dissected each of its in-game Liberty City eating establishments in an attempt to corrolate them with their respective New York City counterparts.

Yes!!!  My inner gaming nerd and inner food nerd are giving each other sloppy, dorky high-fives while grinning like morons as I type this.

While I haven’t yet purchased the game (because when that happens, no one will hear from me or my husband for days, so we have to make the proper notifications first), I’ll be out roaming the streets of Liberty City myself once I do, laughing as I make the patrons of The Bean Machine spill coffee on themselves and attempting to get Niko Bellic blitzed at the Steinway.  Games truly bring out the worst in us, no?

Read more of Ed Levine’s fascinating and hilarious article over at Serious Eats, and check out all the New York City restaurants and landmarks that have unwittingly made their way into gaming history.

Image courtesy of www.seriouseats.com.

UPDATE:  Even more locations spotted!

2 thoughts on “Drink Sprunk!”

  1. AAHHHHH thank you so much for posting this! I remember you commented to me once that you were a star wars geek like me – well I am a gaming nerd like you. we bought this tuesday and it’s awesome. to have ed levine do this on top of the already killer fun that the game is… this just makes my whole day. HEE.

    I love serious eats too, and might have seen this at some point, but I am behind on reading their page. for about the last week. 😦

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