Hottest Tomato You’ll See All Day

…even if he is down a couple berries now:

Want to see the extended cut?

That lobster looks awfully familiar, too.  How many celebrities in the commercial can you name?

Thanks to Sars for the original Ewan-as-tomato link.

7 thoughts on “Hottest Tomato You’ll See All Day”

  1. so here’s my attempt:
    Rhys Ifans from Dannny Deckchair is the door to door guy
    Ewan Mc Gregor is the Tomato
    Lady Judy Dench is the Lobster
    Willem Dafoe is talking to Mackenzie Crook (Garreth Keenan in UK’s The Office)
    Lucy Liu in teh airplane
    who am I missing?

  2. Oh, Dr Q! I love you so much for knowing Danny Deckchair! And, of course, for knowing Gareth. That right there is why we’re friends. 😀 😀 😀

    You’re missing a couple of guys…the ones on the billboard, perhaps? 😉

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