The Mystery of Cafe Artiste

The ever-canny Swamplot called my attention to a mystery today which I might have otherwise overlooked: Cafe Artiste has surreptitiously closed.

Many a Houston restaurant has quietly shuttered overnight, leaving patrons confused and hungry the next day when they show up to an empty parking lot.  But Cafe Artiste has been a fixture in the Montrose / University of St. Thomas area for almost as long as I’ve been alive.

I’m frankly not too concerned, since I was never impressed with Cafe Artiste or their service.  But some people apparently feel as though they’ve lost a loved one.  Were you a Cafe Artiste patron?  If so, how are you mourning its loss?

And, of course, if you have any insight as to its untimely death, be sure to pass it along to Gus over at Swamplot!


6 thoughts on “The Mystery of Cafe Artiste”

  1. So sad.

    My wife and I would bike there someone occasionally. We always anticipated terrible service, and were seldom disappointed. But it was so laid back and odd (the service, I mean) you just couldn’t get mad. Like the time some old guy kept yelling a the kid behind the counter what to do – but wouldn’t get up to the counter to help him. (I never learned the names of anyone there)

    Or the time they brought out our food, and it was ALMOST right. So we ate it, and it turned out to be the food for the neighboring table! It was close enough for us.

    Or the time that they ran out of syrup for the pancakes.

    Or the time…

    Well, I guess you get the idea. I really enjoyed the food and the setting. Sitting outside in the lovely Montrose.

    I am sad to hear it is gone.

  2. I love Cafe Artiste because it has the best and widest selection of coffee compared to the different coffee houses I’ve been to. The atmosphere is laid back, and caters to a wide demographic from young to old. The place screams character and diversity and overall a cool place to study, people watch, hang out with friends, or a place to take my girlfriend to relax.

    If anyone knows of any other coffee shops around town with a wide selection, I am all ears.

  3. I really liked artiste. The food was acceptable even if the service was inconsistent depending who was working the register. In fact, I wouldn’t go depending on who it was. But the biggest deficit in my opinion was the failure to provide reliable internet access. What’s a coffee shop to do if 4 out of 5 times you can’t get on? Otherwise, I haven’t found any place that offers a more relaxed atmosphere. I’ll miss the hang out.

  4. Cafe Artiste was such a great place for weekend brunch – fun to just hang out with coffee / breakfast and something to read and people watch. Sorry to see it gone…

  5. I thought they had really good breakfasts–my husband and I would go Sunday mornings. The service was slow but in an endearing way. One Saturday afternoon I went with two of my friends to knit–we sat on the old couches by the bookcases.

  6. i lived right over from the cafe and had been going there since i was in highschool, i knew the famiyl who owned it decently and my family and i use to go there almost every sunday for breakfast, although the service was not the best the owner and his famiyl were very nice and we really enjoyed the food and the setting, im sad to see it go and dont understand what happened, one minute it was there and the next gone, and it seems that no one can get in touch with the family, i hope everything is ok and i know my family and i will miss it… 😦

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