FDA Recall on Pasadena Catfish


On the other hand, if you’re eating “dried smoked catfish steaks” — and ordering them from Pasadena, the hazardous chemicals capital of the United States — then you probably have larger problems in your life. Namely, your questionable palate and the fact that you now probably glow in the dark.

Seriously, people. It looks like an overgrown leech. Sheesh.


3 thoughts on “FDA Recall on Pasadena Catfish”

  1. Okay, if you have a company, and Googling for your company name returns all the news articles about your latest product recall instead of your company website, you should probably schedule a meeting with a representative from your PR department for 8 AM, Monday, May 19th.

  2. That pic is nasty. Catfish looks so much more appealing when it is in little breaded strips and doused in tartar or cocktail sauce…

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