It was a bad weekend to be a purveyor of fine and delicious Mexican food here in Houston…

Fatal stabbing outside Restaurante El Ranchito

Attacks on Katy-area taco vendors

We do not stand for taco truck attacks here in Houston, as several astute Chronicle commenters have already pointed out:

“remember folks, this affects EVERYBODY… Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Tacos!  Well you two robbers of innocent taco vendors… watch your backs. I’ll be looking for you… AND I’M BRINGIN’ THE HOT SAUCE!!!!”

“You mess with the bean, you’ll end up getting the burrito”

“When caught they should be slapped to death by burritos..”

I’m now envisioning a future where the death penalty here in Texas involves lethal injection of chili con queso.  That wouldn’t be so bad, right?

Image courtesy of the truly awesome TACO and Save Our Taco Trucks.


3 thoughts on “Cuidado!”

  1. Death by Queso? I used to say that “peacefully in my sleep” was the preferred way to go… but I think I’m changing my answer to Death by Queso!

  2. Two weeks ago the taco truck in my neighborhood raised prices from $1.00 for breakfast tacos to $1.25. It was at that point I REALLY started to worry about the local economy.

    Just to send a message I went and bought a dozen.

    Taco Trucks are the coconut trees on the deserted island of life.

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