If Initech Had A Kitchen

Breakroom 1

The administrative assistants at my office have a strongly-developed sense of responsibility in ensuring that the breakroom on our floor remains spotless at all costs.

Witness the level of commitment required to not only write such a heartfelt missive, but also to construct a sturdy cardboard plaquard on which to mount it:

Breakroom 2

It has even been thoughtfully laminated so as to avoid falling victim to the spills or explosions against which it warns.

The signs are also helpfully hyperinstructive:

Breakroom 3

Just in case you are unclear on the concept of running the disposal or the mechanics behind the sink itself, remember that even one minute particle counts towards keeping our breakroom clean and sanitary.

What’s more comforting?  We are not alone.


9 thoughts on “If Initech Had A Kitchen”

  1. The whole time I was reading that, I was thinking of that site. I have it linked on my personal blog and visit daily.

    Your office is a little scary. You should send that particles sign in to the PAN admin. 😉

  2. Thanks so much for this…your blog is a breath of fresh air in all the garbage I wade through…’cause you know I love me some interweb garbage! 🙂

  3. I’m the office manager where I work. And when I find out who has been leaving wet paper towels in the sink, I will kill them. But seriously, if it fell to you to clean up after your slob co-workers day in and day out you’d be tempted to leave a strongly worded missive, too. Better a laminated sign than a homocide, I always say.

  4. @ melissa: Oh, I’ve worked in far scarier offices. This one is downright tame by my standards. But, yes, PAN is on my list of daily reads too! 🙂

    @ mrcanacorn: I know you do! 😀 I’m just glad you think that my little blog is far removed from the millions of Fresh Kills that dot the internet.

    @ HG: I sympathize with you. Really, I do. My first job out of college was supervising the housekeeping staff at an office, and they had the most thankless jobs known to mankind. Awesome people, shitty job.

    @ neverfull: Our bathrooms are note-free, actually. But I did once work at a place where our offices were on the second floor of the building, so people would go down to the first floor to have their afternoon BMs. Lovely. Anyway, one day someone went down there to find that the tenants on the first floor didn’t appreciate the people from our floor using their bathrooms as the Designated Number Two spot, and had left a huge note on the doors that read (verbatim): “GO POOP ON YOUR OWN FLOOR!!!” Man, I wish I had gotten a picture of that…

  5. This is one of the reason I left my other job. I had a boss that covered everyspace with notes, she even had notes for the customers. I could deal with the notes but not the mis-spellings, run on sentences, not knowing how to use sale, sell, and sail. I’m so glad I don’t work there anymore.

  6. Hi K. Those signs are fantastic! I think a few of my Chefs’ would benefit from them……especially when I have super-glued them to their chef tunics. Might save me screaming at them every 5 minutes and give me some spare time to actually get a cup of coffee. Keep it coming! : )

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