A Few Pet Peeves…

I recently remarked to Plinio that the following blog post’s comment section was by far the most entertaining thing I’ve read all year.  To quote myself: “People are weird, weird, weird.”

God knows I have pet peeves (such as people who assume that since my first name can be shortened into any number of nicknames, they are free to call me one of those nicknames at their leisure — YOU CALL ME BY THE NAME THAT I INTRODUCE MYSELF AS OR YOU WILL GET STABBED IN THE TEMPLE WITH A LETTER OPENER!), but I like to think that my pet peeves are mild compared to some of litany of complaints here:

Why don’t you entertain me by telling me your pet service peeves?

Oh, Alison.  You opened a can of worms with that simple query, didn’t you?

Equally entertaining, however, is the follow-up question:

Calling all waitstaff!

Go on.  You know you want to impart some of your own pet peeves below…  🙂