A Little Fecal Bacteria With Your Tomatoes, Sir?

As if you needed yet another reason to patronize your local, organic market:

Houston grocers pull tomatoes over salmonella alert

You know where they are folks, now start shopping local!  It’s better for you, the environment AND your pocketbook.  Or better yet: start a victory garden!


Wherein I Suck Up to the Admins

I’m not the only one whose office breakroom is decorated with awesome notes:

Waterloo’s Dirty Little Secret

It’s true: record stores are actually filthier than you ever imagined.

The difference here is that mrcanacorn got a $10 gift certificate to clean the pigpen at his office; our admin assistants get nothing but thinly-veiled scorn — from everyone but me.  I love you, admins!  You make our breakroom smell like lemons and elbow grease!