5 thoughts on “Bar-Be-Licious”

  1. I’m sure there will be a LOT of dissent from that list. There always is. I agree with Houston being snubbed however. I made a postover at I’ve got the munchies last month about the sorry state of Houston ‘cue. Seems I was proven correct.

    I’ll go further into detail on my blog after I read the entire article, but I will say that I have eaten at the place in Beaumont that’s in the “top 50” and its pretty terrible ‘cue.

    The top 5 was spot on.

  2. I’m shocked at the number of chains represented. (Although there are plenty of individually owned places that buy their food from Sysco and the like.)

    I suppose I should watch my back after saying this, but I lived in Dallas for the last 5 years. (Not by choice, mind you.) But I always liked Anderson’s on Harry Hines and North Main BBQ in Euless. Their restaurant had all the charm of a rec hall basement, but the ribs were great.

    It may also bear noting that when it comes to BBQ, I like sauce. Not so picky about the meat, as long as it doesn’t have huge chunks of fat or gristle and is reasonably tender and moist. And sides. If the sides suck, I won’t be happy.

  3. I don’t get why Luling is always raved about – I think their sauce is horrid (but I’m in the minority there apparently). I do like a few of the others on the list though – I’ve eaten my weight of Vincek’s and Cooper’s and never been disappointed. Virgie’s is now on my to-do list. I would have liked to have seen Hinze’s in Wharton on there though.

  4. bakers rib is passable, but not “best of” list material (imo). the atmosphere ( a key ingredient to the BBQ dining experience) is contrived.

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