Thursday Answers

Welcome back, friends!  Let’s not waste time dilly-dallying around, shall we?  I know you all came here for two things only this afternoon: answers and a winner.  So here we go!

The answers to Tuesday’s trivia questions:

  1. Honey.  Jars of edible honey have been found in 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs.  They certainly knew how to preserve things…
  2. Almonds.  The other favorite sauce-thickener prior to the introduction of wheat flour was torn pieces of dense bread.  Yum!
  3. 20,000,000 pounds.  Yes, 20 million pounds — believe it or not, tea importation exponentially exploded to 1,000 times the amount that England was importing only a century earlier.  Not everyone was pleased with this change, particularly barkeepers.  One notable writer decried that “…tea has no useful strength in it; that it contains nothing nutritious; that, besides being good for nothing, has badness in it…”  Ah, what perspective time and science can lend.
  4. Water, carbohydrates, proteins and liquids.  Look at all of you clever things with your carefully-memorized copies of On Food And Cooking!
  5. 2,000 B.C. in India.
  6. 9,000 B.C. in the Middle East, which leads to Richard’s eternal question: why on earth is chicken more popular than lamb in the United States?  Sheep have certainly got the time advantage.  Anyone?

And this week’s winner is: croquecamille, narrowly edging out Pooh!  Huzzah, croquecamille!  Honorable mention goes to Cory for making me expel fluids through my nose and Jo for correctly identifying Harold McGee as this week’s inspiration.

Folks, if you haven’t read croquecamille’s blog, I highly encourage it.  She is a pastry chef who voluntarily transplanted herself to Paris along with her husband.  Her blog chronicles her adventures (both culinary and otherwise) in her new home.  In her own words:

In this blog I intend to chronicle my dining, cooking, and general food-related adventures in my new hometown: Paris, France.  Of course I may digress now and then, but if you’re into vicarious eating, you’ve come to the right place!

I am a pastry chef by trade and a lover of food and travel by disposition.  As such, my husband and I decided to uproot ourselves and become expats for a while.  So far, it has been a daily adventure.  There are things we miss (Mexican food, chicken-fried anything, a decent cheeseburger) and things we can’t get enough of (amazing bread, fresh croissants, plentiful duck, lait cru cheese).

So, go and check out this week’s winner and enjoy her luscious blog.  Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Tuesday Trivia on June 9th.  Thanks to everyone who played along this time!


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