Costa Blanca, Spain

I haven’t written anything about our recent trip to Spain here at she eats.  Some of you may be wondering why.  Some of you may not have realized that we went there at all, as quiet as I’ve been.

A bit of background: Richard and I went to Spain in late March to visit his parents, who have a home there close to Alicante.  Gill and Dave have happily retired to sunny Spain from somewhat-less-sunny England, which is where we bookended our European portion of the trip (Houston to Chicago to Manchester to Alicante to Manchester to Chicago to Houston…phew!).

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy our trip to Spain.  On the contrary, I enjoyed it so much that I find myself almost at a loss for words when trying to describe our visit.  The Costa Blanca just isn’t the type of place that one can write about effectively.

How do you put into words the way the air felt and smelled, fresh with the feel of the sea but also thickly seductive with the heavy scent of orange blossoms from the endless orange groves?  Or the fact that the sun shined differently there, lighting everything with a clear blaze that never got hot?  Or the way the sea looked under an infinitely blue sky, the two of them magnifying each other and creating colors deeper than I could describe?

Let me just share some photos; after all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Spain Set 1

Clockwise from top left:  (1) Branches against the beautiful sky.  (2) Sand artist on the beach at Torrevieja, with the Mediterranean behind him.  There were several other sand artists that day, all of whom would put our Galveston artists to shame.  (3) The church in the town square at Torrevieja.  (4) View down to the reservoir that provides drinking water to Benidorm and several other Costa Blanca towns.  The vantage point is from the Castell de Guadalest, an amazing 11th century Muslim-founded town high up in the mountains.

Spain Set 2

Clockwise from top left:  (1) The craggy mountains of the Costa Blanca, which looks a lot like the American Southwest in many ways.  (2) The golf course and restaurant patio of a lovely club that Dave belongs to outside of Rojales.  (3) The bell tower at Guadalest.  (4) Roses against the ruins of the castle at Guadalest.

Spain Set 3

Clockwise from top left:  (1) Dinner at Baybrook’s in Benijofar.  My unbelieveably delicious pork tenderloin medallions, pan-fried and glazed with blue cheese, served on a leek and mushroom ragout.  Not your traditional Spanish pork, but oh-so-good.  (2) Honey and almonds for sale.  (3) Gill’s haddock tower at Baybrook’s.  (4) Halal foods were available in most shops, which only makes sense this close to North Africa.

You can view the photos in their original sizes (and more photos from the trip) by going to my Flickr account.  I do need to write more about Spain, but I’m afraid that today’s schedule isn’t going to allow for that since I am quite prepared to write an entire novel on it.  I’ll have to keep it short for today, but promise to write more soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy eating!

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