“I can run a locomotive with this baby…”

Just as I’m out to dinner this week with three guys from Long Island, Queens and the Bronx, listening as they all moan to me about how there’s no good pizza here in Houston, Ken Hoffman and HAIF come to my rescue:

Russo’s New York Pizzeria (HAIF)

Pizza that’s powered by coal (Ken Hoffman)

Take that, New Yawkers! Now go eat your coal-fired pizzas and leave me to my barbeque.


4 responses to ““I can run a locomotive with this baby…”

  1. Yeah, we New Yorkers tend to complain about any pizza outside the tri-state area. It’s a problem.

  2. so K, did you go? the reviews for russo’s aren’t great. i’ll wait for grimaldi’s from brooklyn to open in sugarland. i miss NY pizza too, especially with fresh garlic.

  3. are you coming to the houstonCH bbq smackdown?

  4. They’re opening a Grimaldi’s in Sugar Land!!!!??? Really??!! We ate at the original last summer and it was crowded as hell (an hour wait), but good pizza!! I thought Lombardi’s was better, tho.

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