Moving On Up!

Aieeeee!  Exciting news from my favorite brewery:

Saint Arnold brewery moving downtown

This is exciting for so many reasons…  To name a few:

  1. Their current facility is endearing in its own way, but mostly just horridly ugly and nauseatingly hot in the summers without A/C.  Bye-bye, industrial office park!  Hello, downtown!
  2. So, not only are they moving downtown, they’re moving into a beautiful, old three-story building that dates to 1914.  I love it when older buildings are updated and rehabbed instead of demolished.  Good on the Saint Arnold guys!
  3. Their new place will feature “beer-making equipment purchased from a German monastery,” which is wickedly cool in and of itself, but particularly cool since Saint Arnold of Metz — the patron saint of beer — was a German monk.  To hear the entire story of Saint Arnold and how he came to be sainted, take the tour that the brewery offers every Saturday afternoon at 1pm.  Afterwards, you get a short tour (and I do mean short), a souvenir tasting glass and the opportunity to taste up to four craft beers of your choice (a little over half a pint each).  Not bad for only five bucks!
  4. I’ve saved the best for last, of course.  All that new equipment and new space means…wait for it…that production will be increased by 400%.  400%!  Think of how much better this world will be with more Elissa IPA on the shelves and in your bellies.  A lot better, that’s how much.

They’re expected to complete the renovation and move within a year, so make sure to visit their old facility at least once more for old times’ sake.  In the meantime, did you pick up your Divine Reserve No. 6 this weekend?  If not, you’d better hurry!