Green Drinks and Ham

Wait…no.  No ham.  But there will be green drinks!

All summer long, Monica Pope and Beaver’s Icehouse will be hosting Green Drinks every Wednesday from 5pm to 10pm.  What exactly is Green Drinks, you ask?

Green Drinks is a happy hour that beckons you to nosh on some seriously yummy appetizers along with beer and cocktails from the inventive Beaver’s menu, such as a Pecan Old Fashioned (pecan-Infused Wellers Bourbon, Angostura bitters, sugar), a Forecast (habanero-infused Monopolowa vodka, cucumber, kaffir lime, lemon) or a Train Wreck (Remy Martin cognac, vanilla-cardamom gastrique, Angostura mist, flamed orange zest).  Beers include old favorites like St. Arnold and Shiner (or Miller Lite, if you’ve just completely given up on life) and exciting microbrews like Left Hand Sawtooth Ale and North Coast Old Rasputin.

Non-alcoholic offerings include mocktails like tamarind soda, coffee-cello (espresso mixed with lemonade) and St. Arnold’s root beer.  And, of course, the appetizers themselves include such drool-worthy offerings as sweet potato home fries, corn puppies and Texas beer and cheese dip.

But the coolest thing about Green Drinks isn’t the food or the drinks; it’s the fact that 25% of the profits go to support the Caroline Collective.  Appetizers are $4, cocktails are $5 and beer is a reasonable $3.50, which means that just a couple of appetizers and a cocktail will put $3.25 into the coffers of the Caroline Collective to help keep the lights on, the water running and the rent paid.  $3.25 might not sound like a lot, but if 100 people came to each Green Drinks happy hour over the course of four weeks, you’d be looking at $1,300 raised in just one month!  And you didn’t have to do anything except eat.  Check you out!

If you’re interested in supporting local community initiatives and start-ups while noshing and networking, then Green Drinks is for you.  Check out the flyer below for more info and hope to see you out there!

2 thoughts on “Green Drinks and Ham”

  1. Great post! I just wanted to clarify that the community partner each week rotates. This week it is ArtConnex (, and last week it was the US Green Building chapter. Upcoming partners are Artstorm on July 30th (another local arts group
    August 6th with Odyssey Alternative Fules, August 13th with Trees for Houston, August 20th with Mothers for Clean Air, and many others. If you are part of a group that would like to be involved, email and also check out the green home and supply store at

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