Tuesday Trivia, Part Deuxsie

Hey, hey, hey!  It’s that day of the week again, and this time I’m not letting it pass us by.

Today’s round of trivia is brought to you by The Moody Blues and their eternally cool ballad, “Tuesday Afternoon.”  Trivia questions begin after the video…

And now onto the questions:

  1. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?*
  2. What famous beverage was invented by a Benedictine monk named Pierre?
  3. The asparagus, leek, and onion all belong to which plant family?
  4. Which of these things is not like the other?  Peas, mung beans, lentils, castor beans.
  5. Name the three principal emulsified sauces.
  6. BONUS:  Which of these emulsified sauces is made using ingredients at room temperature?

That’s it, folks!  Good night and good luck.

*I’m quite serious about this.  There is an actual, scientific answer to this conundrum.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia, Part Deuxsie”

  1. 1. The egg of course. Then the first chicken was caught hitting on the second egg which gave birth to NAMBLA. Little known fact.

    2. What people don’t know is that Pierre didn’t actually “invent” Champagne. He stole the idea from an Italian monk named Roberto after the latter lost a bet involving armpits.

    3. The same family that gave us The Spice Girls, whose announcement of a reunion also made us cry.

    4. More importantly, which one of those is overused to no end on the Food Network?

    5. White Russians, Mai Tai’s and Bloody Mary’s. All emulsions that will get you sauced. Oh wait….

    Bonus: All three. Especially if a certain someone forgot to get ICE to fill the cooler.

  2. Goody! Tuesday trivia is back!

    1. egg – the first chicken had to come from somewhere!
    2. Champagne
    3. allium
    4. castor beans (the difference being I’ve never heard of them)
    5. mayonnaise, hollandaise, vinaigrette
    Bonus: vinaigrette

  3. 1.Egg
    2. Champagne (?) not sure coz there r references that sparkling wine was invented before his period
    3. Alliaceae family -edible plant stems
    4.Castor beans. U make castor oil out of those and not the rest
    5. Mayonnaise, Hollandaise, bearnaise
    Bonus: Mayonnaise

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