The Weekend In Food


8:00am:  Still vaguely depressed about having to eat normal food.

9:00am:  With the hubby.  Getting coffee and two tiny vanilla bean scones at Starbucks.  Barista: “You only want two?  They’re three for $1.95, you know.”  Me:  “If there were three of us, I’d order three.  I just want two.”  You don’t want to question me before I’ve had my morning coffee, lady.

9:05am:  These scones taste like Elmer’s glue mixed with white flour.  Gag.

9:30am:  Getting back into the car, driving into town to take some pictures.  Richard testing out his new sat-nav system, even though he has a human sat-nav sitting next to him.

10:00am:  At Dunlavy and Indiana, taking pictures of mid-century apartment complex before it’s demo’d to make room for — you guessed it! — a parking lot.  Break into several units, despite plethora of “no trespassing” signs.  Having fond memories of breaking into abandoned Paul Quinn College campus for pictures and hiding in meat locker after being chased by Dobermanns.  No Dobermanns here.  UPDATE: Pictures of apartment complex can be found here, at my Flickr account.

10:05am:  Richard sitting in the car, still playing with his sat-nav as I brazenly break laws right and left.

10:15am  Several units still have refrigerators and stoves, cooking implements, pots and pans, etc. inside of them.  Loathe to open refrigerators; can you imagine what was left in there if they left behind their dishes and silverware?

10:30am:  Run into Lauren Meyers, who is also documenting the apartments before they’re gone.  With a much better camera, of course.

11:00am:  Onto Washington Avenue, taking pictures for an upcoming Urbanist article.

12:00pm:  Stopping at Wabash Feed Store for doggie treats and possibly more herbs for herb garden.

12:10pm:  Why can’t I have chickens???  Think of the fresh yard eggs!  THINK OF THE EGGS!!!

1:30pm:  Home again.  Richard eating on six-foot party sub that he bought on Friday.  He is a man of simple tastes.

2:00pm:  Watching Holland vs. Russia Euro Cup match with beers and wasabi-flavored potato chips.  Mmm.

5:00pm:  Crap!  Big Lebowski party tonight!  Need to figure out a costume.

5:10pm:  I have black things.  I’ll be a nihilist.

6:45pm:  At the Big Lebowski party at Caroline Collective.  Very few other people in costume, most as Walter, Maude or the Dude.  I feel like a twit.

7:00pm:  But at least they have free Oat Sodas and Caucasians.

9:00pm:  Two dudes are *thisclose* to starting a fight over seating arrangements for the movie.  Very unDude, and also my cue to leave.


8:00am:  On my way to El Bolillo off Airline for some pastries, with Daisy for company.

9:00am:  After too many detours to look at random houses, have two sacks of bolillos and empanadas and marranitos.  Mmm.

9:15am:  Think I’ll go to B&W for some meat.

9:30am:  Line out the door.  Nevermind.  Can’t leave the dog in the car for that long, and definitely can’t take her into a meat market.

10:00am:  Over at my dad’s house, tidying up for his Open House today.  Want to buy a really nice Heights home in the Norhill district?  It’s got a pool!  And it’s super, super cute!!!

11:30am:  Heading home, trying to avoid craziness on I-10 by taking Long Point.  Vieng Thai, I love yoooooooou!

1:00pm:  Haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet in anticipation of lunch event with Houston Chowhounds at Super H Mart.  Am finally here and READY FOR KIMCHI.

1:05pm:  Get yelled at by crazy, ladle-waving lady for taking pictures of kimchi bar.

1:15pm – 3:15pm:  Eating frenzy.  OM-NOM-NOM-NOM.

3:30pm:  Stuffed.  So stuffed.  Can barely move.  Review and photos to follow later this week.

4:00pm:  Must.  Nap.  Off.  Food.

6:30pm:  Heading back into town for dinner at Dolce Vita with Midwife Crisis.  More food already?

6:45pm:  At Midwife Crisis’ house.  AIEEEEEEEE!  She has made me HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES!!!

7:30pm:  Waiter just brought order of BEST APPETIZER EVER: roasted beets with horseradish and walnuts, garnished with chives.  Am suddenly very hungry again.

9:30pm:  Finally on our way out of Dolce Vita.  Reivew and photos to follow later this week.

How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “The Weekend In Food”

  1. What about the apartments at Dunlavy and Alabama across from the Fiesta? I love those apartments. Have you ever been in them? The last time we were in Houston I thought about seeing if there was a way to get into them to do some photography.

  2. extremely funny bits: normal food depression, 6-foot party sub, the thought of a dog in meat store, nihilist costume, getting yelled at for KimChi photos (I took mine very covertly; didn’t want to be confused for health inspector)

    coincidence: although I ended up at Benjy’s, I very nearly went to Dolce Vita late on Sunday night too.

  3. @ Billie: They’re called Wilshire Village. You should check out my Flickr account for some pictures I took not long ago. I wasn’t able to get into any of them without attracting attention. Maybe next time… 🙂

    @ anonymouseater: I wish I was kidding about the six-foot party sub… 😀 And next time I will definitely be more covert about my kimchi photography.

  4. I am attempting to replicate the beets tonight… let you know how it goes. as soon as he saw me pull the leftover pizza out of the box gabe jumped around yelling “pizza! pizza!” I didn’t even know he knew what pizza was but apparently he thoroughly enjoys my leftovers.

  5. @ julia: And here you thought he only knew the names of construction equipment… How did the beets turn out?

    @ melissa: Thanks! 😀

    @ daddy-o: I’m trying to sell your home here. And now you’re telling me you’re turning the pool into a petri dish? I’m headed over there with a bucket of shock after work, if so. 😉

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