Bean Curd Made By Pockmarked Woman

But they left off spotted dick!

Unusual names of dishes

What’s your favorite bizarrely-named food or dish?


3 responses to “Bean Curd Made By Pockmarked Woman

  1. heh heh. She said dick. heh heh.

    Ok…I really can’t seem to keep from snickering whenever I see signs for pupusas.

    I really hope Freud wouldn’t have anything to say about that.

  2. I think I would eat anything on that list just so I can say it.
    A sushi place here “Simon’s sushi”
    has a menu item called the BTS roll, Not as colorful as those but one of the best parts is getting the waitstaff to explain the abbreviation.
    I guess you can look it up since you love trivia so much.

  3. Mountain Oysters.

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