Tuesday Trivia

Don’t you ever just feel like a little snack sometimes?  Something that you know is bad for you, that sends you on a shameful guilt trip after you’ve eaten it, that holds no nutritional value, and that is probably made of “parts” or some form of partially-hydrogenated substances?  Then today’s Tuesday Trivia is for you.

This Tuesday’s round of questions is brought to you by this super-creepy original-recipe McDonald’s commercial:

I wouldn’t have bought a burger from that clown.


  1. What popular fast food chain, with locations throughout Houston, was founded in a small coastal town in Sinaloa, Mexico in 1975?
  2. Which fast food restaurant introduced the drive-through window in 1970, allowing you to gorge yourself on burgers without ever leaving the comfort of your wood-paneled station wagon?
  3. Which ancient civilization literally invented fast food, selling ready-to-eat meals from stalls in streets and markets?
  4. One out of every eight American workers has received a paycheck from which fast food restaurant?
  5. How much money do Americans spend on fast food every year?
  6. BONUS:  Which nation is the second-largest consumer of fast food after America?

Good luck, Fry Kids!  And watch out for the Hamburgler…  Answers on Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia”

  1. Hi All.
    1. El Pollo Loco (Although Dennys have owned the American Resturants since 1983)
    2.Wendys was the first chain to have a pick-up window, but McDonalds were the first with an actual Drive-Thru.
    3.The Mighty Persian Civilization
    5.I would guess around $110 Billion
    and for the Bonus……I would say Canada.

    Off to Burger King now. I’m hungry. 🙂

  2. Hey, that original (and ghastly) Ronald McDonald was Willard Scott!! A much thinner Willard Scott, but, nonetheless.

    That’s my contribution.

    I hate fast food and refuse to play.

  3. 1.taco cabana
    2.whataburger “the comfort of your wood paneled station wagon”, indeed
    3.greece (gyros)
    4. micky ds
    6. new jersey

    trivia – willard scott is ted nugents father

  4. 1. El Pollo Loco and then brought over by Denny’s group in 80’s
    2. Wendys
    3. Greece – 6th century BC or was it Roman (?)
    5.$110 billion
    6. Britain

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