And the Livin’ Is Easy

Sometimes, for no reason in particular, I make nonsensical lists of songs on Seeqpod.  It’s a favorite activity of mine and obviously has no relation to food.  So if you came here for the food, you’re probably not going to be too interested in my musical ramblings for the next few paragraphs.

Anyway, here are a couple of the “mix tapes” I’ve made over the past months:

Down Tempo




You might notice an underlying theme here, which is that none of these songs have anything to do with each other (and also contain some pretty embarassing song choices).  With that in mind, I set about to create a mix tape that actually has some semblance of structure to it.

So, with that said, I present to you: Summer Songs!  These are songs that — mostly for no reason at all — remind me of summer.  Some of the choices might be utterly mystifying to you (Beth, by KISS, for example), but we all have our strange little summer memories, don’t we?

Enjoy the non-food-related mix tape and tell me: what songs remind you of summer?

UPDATE:  Summer Songs playlist fixed, thanks to Croque Camille.  🙂


5 thoughts on “And the Livin’ Is Easy”

  1. Something’s wrong… I can’t see your summer playlist! And you SHOULD be embarrassed that the one that keeps popping up in its place is the “upbeat” one – the weakest in my opinion (although maybe I’ve just spent too many hours listening to Fred and Lucy on XM).

    In response to your question (and in order to embarrass myself, perhaps):
    A Shot in the Arm – Wilco (discovered them at ACL fest 2005)
    Anything by The Polyphonic Spree
    Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
    Crazy in Love – Beyoncé
    Without Me – Eminem
    Hey Ya – OutKast
    Everything I Do (I Do it for You) – Bryan Adams

    Just to name a few…

  2. “Summer, summer, summertime…” Will Smith, errr, the Fresh Prince’s little ditty is the quintessential summer song to me!

  3. I like the “relaxed” set best. Never heard of that site. Interesting.

    Speaking of music AND food, you might like the best musical recording ever made about food: Cibo Matto’s Viva La Woman. Songs include “apple,” “beef jerky,” “white pepper ice cream,” “know your chicken,” and a great remake of “the candy man.”

    The record was made by two Japanese women. It combines NY avant garde sounds from the mid 90s, hip hop, and thick Japanese accents. And all but one of the songs are about food.

  4. @ croquecamille: “Weakest”? Damn, you’re cruel. 😀 😀 😀

    @ Fayza: Now this is a story / all about how / my life got flipped / turned upside down… 😉

    @ anonymouseater: I love Cibo Matto! I have a whole playlist of nothing but Cibo Matto songs, actually! 🙂 “Sugar Water” and “Beef Jerky” are my favorites from that album.

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