Pretty New Pet!

Richard and I left the house this morning with the intention of getting some Draino to unclog the bathroom sink.  We came home with a computer.

Granted, this was a long time coming.  Our old computer was just that — old.  Richard bought it when he first came to this country.  Sidebar: today is Richard’s sixth anniversary of being in the United States!  He didn’t become a permanent resident (i.e., get his greencard) until a few years later, but the Fourth of July just also happens to be his very own independence day, the day he began a new life in a brand new country.  Yay for my brave hubby!  I love you, Mac!

So, as you can imagine, the computer was a bit decrepit.  It only had 512MB of RAM and the graphics card didn’t even support a flat panel monitor, only the old CRTs.  It jerked and gimped along, painfully running iTunes, slowly loading graphics-intense web pages, barely able to run two applications at once…you catch my drift.

This evening, I sit in front of a huge flat panel moniter with surround sound speakers as I listen to John Fogerty, the quad core Phenom processor easily allowing me to download and install the new Firefox 3.0 at the same time as WoW Burning Crusade, with 10x the memory (5120MB) and a 750GB dual hard drive just waiting to be filled up with all kinds of useless crap.  When I’m finished installing WoW and my shiny new game — BioShock — and I finally get to play them, I know that the NVIDIA 9300 graphics card will blow my tiny little mind.  Just as soon as the upgraded wireless router and adapter are finished blowing it, of course.  My mind is overloaded with the possibilities of new technology as I type…

What does this have to do with food?  Nothing.  Except that all the food blogging I do from now on will be courtesy of this awesome computer, our little Fourth of July gift to ourselves.

Have a safe and happy Fourth, y’all!  I’m off to eat some hot dogs.

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