tenacity: Omakase Style

It’s too late to attend tonight’s tenacity dinner, I’m afraid.  But there’s still good news!

Randy Rucker is teaming up with the wildly talented Plinio Sandalio, pastry chef at Americas in The Woodlands, for an Omakase-style dinner on Monday, July 14th.  Yes, that’s this Monday!  Head over to Randy’s site for more information and to reserve a spot.

Plinio blogs about food in general and desserts in particular at The Shiro Shoyu Diaries.  He was also on Iron Chef America, where his team barely lost to Iron Chef Mario Batali.

Highlights from the Omakase menu include:

  • Pacific northwest geoduck clam, shiro dashi, burdock root, grated daikon and whipped shellfish broth
  • Ceviche of “first of the years” bay scallops from Florida’s Gulf coast, aji amarillo, sour orange and crunchy rice
  • Chilled octopus, foamed kabayaki, egg yolk and shisho
  • Smoked brownies

You know you want to try some smoked brownies.  Don’t kid yourself.

Go RSVP now!

Get Yer Farmers Markets Righ’cheer, Folks!

Because I’m not a fan of retyping entire articles that I’ve already written, here’s a link to today’s feature I wrote for Houstonist:

So Fresh And So Green

It’s a (more or less) comprehensive listing of the various farmers markets around town, along with their website, days and hours of operation and their specialities/quirks.


And eat local!  🙂

“Red” Meat

Since the particle chicken entry got y’all so riled up, here’s another story to get those gastric juices flowing:

Meat dyed red to look “fresher” 

Tasty!  Not only does that fake red color throw people off when trying to determine the meat’s freshness, it also encourages the growth of salmonella.  Man, supermarkets are really looking out for their consumers, aren’t they?  And by supermarkets, I mean Wal-Mart, SuperTarget and Safeway (a.k.a. Randall’s here in Houston) — the chief proponents of this practice.  Do I need to go on my Wal-Mart rant again, folks?

Can you tell which is fresher?

Find a local butcher (or at least a supermarket butcher you trust).  Patronize them.  Win-win.