Get Yer Farmers Markets Righ’cheer, Folks!

Because I’m not a fan of retyping entire articles that I’ve already written, here’s a link to today’s feature I wrote for Houstonist:

So Fresh And So Green

It’s a (more or less) comprehensive listing of the various farmers markets around town, along with their website, days and hours of operation and their specialities/quirks.


And eat local!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Get Yer Farmers Markets Righ’cheer, Folks!”

  1. That’s so funny, did you know there is a produce stand called “Right Chere” in Van Alstyne, TX?

  2. yeah,yeah,yeah…….three posts on farmer’s markets and who gets all the glo-ray? You geaux girl!!! As long as it’s pimping locavore and the markets, it is all good!! And, where oh where is Dumpling part Deaux (no pics of me, none, i seriously hope).

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