“Red” Meat

Since the particle chicken entry got y’all so riled up, here’s another story to get those gastric juices flowing:

Meat dyed red to look “fresher” 

Tasty!  Not only does that fake red color throw people off when trying to determine the meat’s freshness, it also encourages the growth of salmonella.  Man, supermarkets are really looking out for their consumers, aren’t they?  And by supermarkets, I mean Wal-Mart, SuperTarget and Safeway (a.k.a. Randall’s here in Houston) — the chief proponents of this practice.  Do I need to go on my Wal-Mart rant again, folks?

Can you tell which is fresher?

Find a local butcher (or at least a supermarket butcher you trust).  Patronize them.  Win-win.

One thought on ““Red” Meat”

  1. Let’s also not forget the obscene orange some of these places use to “freshen up” salmon. Even high-grade sushi doesn’t look that orange.

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