The Weekend In Food


6:30pm:  Home from work; exhausted.  Too tired to cook, too tired to go out to eat.

7:30pm:  After couch-vegging for an hour, decide to make Richard’s favorite pasta dish for dinner.  It’s very, very simple.

8:00pm:  Serve dinner of orecchiette with butter, splash of cream, green peas and lots of freshly-ground pepper.  Nights like this, I’m glad I married someone with simple tastes in food.


9:00am:  Piddling around in garden.  Need to re-pot peppers, basil and sage.  Also need to plant lima bean plant that Randy gave me Thursday night.  Have entirely too much lavender.  Thinking about clipping and drying it.

10:00am:  Richard is at the gym.  I can use the computer!!!

11:30am:  Richard returns, hot and sweaty.  I successfully manuever him away from any of the upholstered chairs and directly into a cool shower.  Go me.

12:30pm:  Sitting at Starbucks with the Dukes and a cup of Awake tea.  The nice Starbucks people bring the Dukes a bowl of water and lots of people stop by to pet her.  This is the high point of her entire life so far.

1:45pm:  Heading off to the Stag’s Head for a Houston blogger meet-up.

2:15pm:  How am I always the youngest person present at these things?  They’re discussing the moon landing…

2:30pm:  Eating a delicious Windsor burger with lots and lots of blue cheese.  And they even brought me some good mayo for my French fries.  Seriously — ketchup with French fries?  No.  Mayo is the way to go; trust me.

3:00pm:  Listening to a presentation on crime in Houston.  If you count all the murder and assault statistics that the HPD fudged or covered up, we’re actually the most dangerous and most violent city in the nation.  Suck it, Detroit!!!

5:00pm:  Heading home for a good, old-fashioned date night with the hubby.

6:45pm:  Driving down Westheimer, we pass an Anonymous anti-Scientology protest at the corner of Fondren.  My life is now complete.

7:00pm:  Eating dinner at Yao’s.  Why?  Why not?  I pass it every day, figured we’d give it a shot.  We’re seated in the bar section because Richard couldn’t resist the allure of several big-screen TVs.

7:15pm:  Actually a nice little place, with a couple of authentic Chinese dishes on the menu (pork bellies with tofu sound particularly good, if I wasn’t allergic to tofu…).  Feeling nostalgic, so I go with the mu shu pork.  Richard, ever the adventurer, gets beef with broccoli.

7:30pm:  Both dishes are good.  Not great, but decent.  The prices are decent, too, especially considering the enormous portion sizes.  My mu shu pork is good, but the crepes look and taste like paper and the hoisin sauce is entirely too sweet.  I stick to eating the pork and veggies.  Richard’s beef with broccoli is much better.

8:00pm:  Heading into the parking lot, we find a man sitting next to our car on the hot asphalt.  He’s shoeless.  And cross-legged.  And heavily dreadlocked and bearded.  But he’s also meditating.  On the ground next to him are his belt, shoes, socks and — strangely — cell phone.  We hate to disturb his meditation by starting our car engine, but…I don’t know…MAYBE A PARKING LOT IN THE MIDDLE OF A WHOLE WAD OF CARS ISN’T THE BEST PLACE TO MEDITATE.  I love Houston.

8:30pm:  Standing in line at the movie theatre.  There is a guy next to us with a blanket and pillow.  They totally let him in without a second glance.

10:15pm:  Hellboy II was awesome.  That is all.


9:00am:  Grabbing dollar sausage biscuits and hashbrowns from McDonald’s for breakfast.  DON’T JUDGE ME.  Also: their iced coffee is strangely and suspiciously addictive…  It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

10:00am:  Heading to Target.  Out of cleaning supplies for weekly housecleaning exercises.  My life is almost too exciting at times.

12:00pm:  After piddling around Target for entirely too long, eating lunch in the mall food court.  I’m extremely UNexcited about this, and am letting Richard know this through glares and silence.

12:15pm:  Except that this veggie and hummus pita from Extreme Pita is actually really good.  REALLY good.  Whoulda thunk it?

12:45pm:  To make up for making me eat at the mall food court (even though I ended up enjoying my meal), Richard is taking me for ice cream at Coldstone.  One “The Pie Who Loved Me,” please!


1:30pm to 5:00pm:  Housecleaning and gardening.  Fun!

6:00pm:  Headed to market for week’s groceries.

6:05pm:  I detest Randall’s, but it’s just so damn close.

6:45pm:  How did I just spend $56 on a week’s worth of groceries?!?!?  Stupid expensive produce.  THIS is why I prefer Canino’s or plain old Fiesta.

7:30pm:  Cooking dinner.  Walnut and honey crusted salmon, mashed turnips and potatoes (also called swede or tatties and neeps, one of Richard’s all-time favorite dishes) and broccoli.  Having way too much fun pounding the walnuts into miniscule walnut dust.

8:00pm:  Dinner served, with Shiner Hefeweizen.  Okay, so it’s a bit of a non-summery meal, sue me.  It tastes good.

How was your weekend?  Hopefully, more exciting than mine.  🙂

4 thoughts on “The Weekend In Food”

  1. We went to Dallas Saturday for a convention and after the fun, we ate at Dickey’s Barbecue.

    We hardly ever actually stop in Dallas, so it was a treat to find something good to eat at a reasonable price.

    Did however mean that I missed out on our Saturday run to Caninos. Alas. No will have to make due with what’s left in the fridge. 🙂

  2. I really get such a kick out of these posts of yours. You always manage to write them so humorously. The meditating guy was possibly my favorite part.

    And your dog is adorable!

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