A New Record

Ay, people!  You are tremendous and faithful readers and you never disappoint a girl.  Guess what happened today?  This dinky little blog had over 500 visitors!  Not just page views, but individual visitors!

I know that might not seem like a lot to some of you, but that’s a huge number to me.  When I started writing she eats. back in November (I know! it hasn’t been that long!), I was lucky to get 500 visitors a month, let alone in one day.  In fact, I only had 90 visitors in my first month.  Last month?  Ten times that amount.

Lately, the numbers have slowly been building — 400 one day, 375 the next, 440 the day after that — but we finally broke that 500 person threshhold today.  So, THANK YOU, whoever you are out there that’s either stumbled across this site or those of you who come and read my ramblings on a regular basis.

Y’all rock.  I wish you many joyful days and many delicious meals.  🙂

As a token of my appreciation, allow me to present a collection of random yet amusing, (tangentially) food-related photos for your enjoyment. Continue reading A New Record

Tuesday Trivia

Today’s trivia will be a bit different.  Instead of me asking you textbook-style questions with definitive answers, I want to know a little bit about you.  Below are five questions (no bonus this week!) so that we can all get to know a little about each other.

  1. What food(s) did you hate as a child but have come to appreciate or even love as an adult?
  2. What food reminds you most strongly of your childhood and why?
  3. Has there ever been a food of which you were initially suspicious, but then surprised to find that you enjoy?
  4. What do you think is the most overrated and/or underrated restaurant in Houston?  If you don’t reside in Houston, then what is your favorite restaurant where you live?
  5. If you were in charge of carny food at the circus, which food item would you put onto a stick?

I can’t wait to see your answers!!!

Food Poetry

Every once in a while, I’ll try to feature a poem about food (thereby incorporating two things which keep me alive each day) for your reading pleasure.  Today’s poem is by Ron Padgett, an Oklahoma native who studied in New York and Paris during the artistic glory days of the 1960s.  Enjoy!

The Love Cook

Let me cook you some dinner.
Sit down and take off your shoes
and socks and in fact the rest
of your clothes, have a daquiri,
turn on some music and dance
around the house, inside and out,
it’s night and the neighbors
are sleeping, those dolts, and
the stars are shining bright,
and I’ve got the burners lit
for you, you hungry thing.