A New Record

Ay, people!  You are tremendous and faithful readers and you never disappoint a girl.  Guess what happened today?  This dinky little blog had over 500 visitors!  Not just page views, but individual visitors!

I know that might not seem like a lot to some of you, but that’s a huge number to me.  When I started writing she eats. back in November (I know! it hasn’t been that long!), I was lucky to get 500 visitors a month, let alone in one day.  In fact, I only had 90 visitors in my first month.  Last month?  Ten times that amount.

Lately, the numbers have slowly been building — 400 one day, 375 the next, 440 the day after that — but we finally broke that 500 person threshhold today.  So, THANK YOU, whoever you are out there that’s either stumbled across this site or those of you who come and read my ramblings on a regular basis.

Y’all rock.  I wish you many joyful days and many delicious meals.  🙂

As a token of my appreciation, allow me to present a collection of random yet amusing, (tangentially) food-related photos for your enjoyment.








Big thanks!



P.S.  I can’t verify the authenticity of this presentation, not being a Korean food expert, but I find it hilarious nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “A New Record”

  1. Congrats!!!! I knew you would be a hit!!!!

    Tacocat is palindrome – heh! And isn’t that pork and potatoes presentation Richard’s idea of dinner heaven?

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