The Weekend In Food


6:30pm:  At Fu Fu Cafe for dinner with Richard and dad.  No luck, as it has unceremoniously closed for the summer.

6:40pm:  Eating at QQ Cuisine instead.  You can read all about it here.

8:30pm:  Stuffed!  So stuffed!

9:15pm:  Laying prostrate on couch like beached whale while watching Top Gear.  Too much Chinese food for one night…but Richard Hammond’s sunny little face will always make a girl feel better.


8:00am:  Contemplating making breakfast.

8:05am:  We have no eggs.

8:10am:  Or bread.

8:15am:  Or juice.

8:20am:  Oh, sod it.  I’ll eat these Oreos I found in the back of the pantry and make Richard an extra big cup of tea instead.

8:25am:  Mmm…Oreos.

9:00am:  Richard at the gym.  I can play Bioshock!

9:05am to 10:30am:  Lots of running around, shooting zombies and scaring the dog with the loud noise of grenade launchers and plasma cannons.

11:00am:  Getting dressed.

11:30am:  Leftover Chinese food from QQ for lunch.  Chinese is even better the second time around.

1:00pm:  Heading out to Richmond for a birthday party.  Doo-dee-doo.  Just a leisurely drive…


2:30pm:  Seriously.  I had no idea people could live this far away from the city and commute to work every day without killing someone out of sheer longevity-induced road rage.

2:45pm:  Finally arrive, after quick pit stop for birthday present and card.

3:00pm to 7:30pm:  Gorge ourselves on party food and cupcakes.  OM-NOM-NOM-NOM.

9:00pm:  Arrive home to starving dog who desperately needs a pee.  We are bad canine parents tonight.  😦


8:00am:  Breakfast items have not magically appeared in refrigerator overnight.  Very disappointing.

8:30am:  Head to McDonald’s for — go on, judge me, I’ve brought it on myself too many times — one dollar sausage biscuits and hashbrowns with a vanilla iced coffee for me and a milk for Richard.  *sigh*

9:30am:  Getting dressed.

10:00am:  Work on articles for Houstonist.  Someone please read the godforsaken site!  Please?!?

11:45am:  Head over to newly-opened Raia’s for lunch with Ruthie from Great Food Houston.

12:00pm:  Raia’s is quite difficult to find.  Perhaps they should invest in a sign as part of this whole “restaurant” thing?

12:30pm:  Luckily, food is quite good and it’s pretty cute inside.  Full writeup soon.

1:45pm:  Heading home again to have “date afternoon” with Richard.

2:30pm:  Head out to movie theatre to see The Dark Knight.

3:00pm:  Parking lot at Memorial City Mall is COMPLETELY full.  WTF, people?  It’s not like it’s tax-free weekend, for God’s sake.

3:30pm:  At Marq*E (or whatever ridiculous spelling) instead; parking lot slightly less full.

3:45pm:  All shows sold out for The Dark Knight except for one.  Snag those tickets!

4:00pm:  Killing time in Cafe Adobe with two Tecates and some queso before the movie.  This is way better than popcorn.

4:20pm:  Until I spill the cheese dip down the front of my shirt, that is.  Aaargh.

4:45pm:  In the theatre.  Previews starting!!!

5:00pm to 7:30pm:  Woman to my right talks the entire time.  Taking all my willpower NOT to slap her.  She is sounding out words on the screen as if it’s a Hooked On Phonics movie.  “Cat-AS-trop-hic?”  NOOOOOOO.  SHUT UP!!!!!!!

8:00pm:  Despite mongrel idiot woman beside me, The Dark Knight was awesome.  Richard is stunned into silence the entire ride home by just how good it was.

9:00pm:  Back home, watching trashy BBC documentary called “My Small Breasts and I.”  Despite lurid subject matter and grammatical farce of a title, it’s incredibly boring.  Women with small breasts, you are lucky!  Quit your complaining before I dispatch someone to slap some sense into you!

10:00pm:  Oh, God.  Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?  Already???


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